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 Introducing GoGoods™. The backbone of a new digital marketplace where consumers can re-sell their digital goods while artists, labels, and streaming services all benefit from a new, and infinite revenue stream.
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What is

We provide a digital Provenance and a marketplace to truly own, resell and buy previously owned digital goods.

What does that mean to you? Every transfer of digital ownership is authenticated and secure.

And why is that good? Because now you can resell your digital music, and if you're a rights holder you get paid on every transfer of ownership. Forever.

Mo Money
No Problems.

For the first time in history, GoGoods enables Rights Holders to make money every time their album is sold. Forever. This means, if a collector buys a brand new album on the GoGoods marketplace and decides to sell it, you get paid. If the person who buys the album from that reseller decides to sell it, you get paid. This news might have you singing, all the way to the bank.
New Album Sale
Owned Album Resale

Have your Cake
and Stream it too.

Twenty years ago the sale of a physical album provided rights holders with more than $11. But, in 2003, buying music online changed sales from buying an album, to every song for itself, reducing income to $0.69 net per purchased song.

Today, streaming has further reduced income to 3/10ths of a penny for each song play (over 29 seconds).  

With the GoGoods marketplace, the sale of a single album will earn rights holders $12.60 for their first sale, and $1.70 every time the album changes hands. Forever.

This revenue is in addition to the streaming income you're already receiving.
Images are not representative of artists currently offered, or endorsing GoGoods and are shown for demonstration purposes only.

No GoodDeed
goes unpublished.

What’s a GoodDeed™? Simple. It’s a deed for your digital good, and every good gets one. GoGoods ensures that every transfer of ownership is authenticated and secure. In addition, GoGoods provides digital Provenance. This is a list of people who have owned the digital good before you, and if you sell it, those after you.
Digital Provenance. With GoGoods every album is numbered, and shows every person (or screen name for privacy) who ever owned it. This means that if you were the first person ever to purchase the first album of your favorite band, but had to sell it at some point, you will always and forever be known as their very first.
One isn’t the loneliest number, anymore. Every good sold using the GoGoods platform is unique, including its number, owner, date of ownership and more. Because of this, most collectors may buy two, one to keep and one to sell later.

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